1. The provider of the Mailchuck service is: Mailchuck Ltd, Company number: 165715, Registered address: Suite 10, 3rd Floor, La Ciotat, Mont Fleuri, Mahé, Seychelles

  2. With a handful of exception, the service can be used by anyone. The exceptions are:
    • the residents of the Republic of Seychelles. As the company providing the service is a Seychellian IBC, it is not permitted to conduct business in Seychelles and has to exclude the residents of Seychelles from the services.
    • public organisations, for example municipalities, governments or supranational organisations. We do not think that public organisation email correspondence should be conducted anonymously.
  3. The service can be used for most common things emails are used for, with several exceptions, in particular criminal activities. What exactly the forbidden activites are may depend on the country the user is located in. Serious suspicion of illegal activity results in a suspension of the account. Some examples that typically fall into this category (and thus are not allowed on Mailchuck):
    • fraud or theft
    • promoting or organising violence (e.g. terrorism)
    • extortion
    • sending spam
    • copyright infringement
    • trading or distributing prohibited items (e.g. illegal drugs, child pornography)
    • trading or distributing regulated items without appropriate licensing (e.g. firearms, prescription drugs)
    • cracking, illegal use of computers
    • corruption
    • blackmail
  4. Unless otherwise specified, the law of the Republic or Seychelles applies. For practical purposes, as the infrastructure and the parties involved in using the service are located in other countries, other law may apply in individual cases.

  5. To the extent permitted by law, Mailchuck Ltd excludes all warranties. Mailchuck Ltd will not be liable for costs or damages that occurred to their customers in connection with using the services. The liability of Mailchuck Ltd is limited to the amount the user paid for the services.

  6. The user exempts Mailchuck Ltd from the liabilities he or she causes to third parties by illegal uses of the Mailchuck service.

  7. The services that are not free have to be paid for in advance and will only be activated after the payment has been processed.

  8. You can stop using the services at any time without providing any reason. The best way to do this is to unregister all your accounts. You can also stop extending your subscription at any time without providing any reason.

  9. Unless required by consumer protection laws, there are no refunds for cancellation prior to service expiration or withdrawal from contract. If the expiration is later than one month in the future, refunds will be evaluted on a case by case basis.

  10. These Terms of Use are valid as of June 20th 2015, and may change in the future without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

  1. Mailchuck Ltd never requires you to reveal your identity to us or anyone else, including your name, address or IP address.

  2. The mailchuck.com website does not require javascript, has no cookies or tracking elements and you are not required to visit it in order to use the mailchuck service.

  3. For the duration of using the service, we store the users’ bitmessage addresses.

  4. We store the combination of which user paid to which bitcoin address (as of July 26nd 2015, indefinitely).

  5. Email content is stored for approximately one hour (during relaying).

  6. Email metadata (time/date, sender/recipient email address, error codes and other technical information) is stored up to two (2) days for maintenance purposes. These do not contain the IP address of the customers of Mailchuck Ltd.

  7. Website logs (IP, browser name, URL and other technical information) are stored up to two (2) days, and website statistics (awstats) indefinitely, as of July 26nd 2015. These logs do not contain the bitmessage address of the user or whether the website visitor is a customer of Mailchuck Ltd at all. The logs also do not contain the language preferences configured in users’ browser.

  8. All information is stored on encrypted drives.

  9. We do not share any of this information with anyone, unless required by law.

  10. This privacy policy is valid as of July 26th 2015, and may change in the future without prior notice.