(Optional) You may consider to create a new bitmessage identity.

In order to register, select your bitmessage identity you want to have associated with a mailchuck account, and send a bitmessage to BM-2cVYYrhaY5Gbi3KqrX9Eae2NRNrkfrhCSA. Put desired email address (including @mailchuck.com) in the subject. If, for example, you would like to have the “user123@mailchuck.com” address, this is what it would look like:


It may take several minutes for the message to be sent.

After the registration has been processed, you will receive a message back confirming the registration and providing you basic information about it.

Registering confirmation

In case there is something wrong (e.g. the desired email address is already in use), you will receive a rejection message explaining what went wrong.

Registering denied