Anonymous email

Hardly a day goes by without there being a mention in the news about private data being stolen or spied upon. We at Mailchuck decided to provide an email service that prevents your identity from being exposed to others: we never know your identity. We don't know your name, your location, or your IP address. You are never required to expose any of this information to us. This way, even if our systems are compromised or misused, your identity remains safe. This provides a high degree of anonymity.

Mailchuck is a relay between email and Bitmessage, combining the privacy and security of Bitmessage and an email account. This results in a very secure and private email service: you do not need to disclose your identity to anyone.

Additional features include PGP and attachment support, and the ability to charge people for sending you emails.

Four easy steps to get anonymous email account:

  1. Download a Bitmessage client
  2. Create a new Bitmessage address
  3. Register the adress with Mailchuck
  4. You're ready to go!

Send anonymous email

In order to send anonymous emails and for enhanced features, you need to upgrade to a subscription based account. Consult our pricing page.


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